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Secrets to Single Parent Success
I’m often asked how I manage to take care of my kids and run a household solo without imploding. I admit, working from home takes a strain off of things. I can do laundry and dishes while getting my work done. But the real secret to my single parent success has to do with what I don’t get done.
I let things slide.
House not clean? That would be mine. It’s not entirely filthy, we get around to cleaning it eventually. In fact, my kids’ allowance is predicated on them getting their chores done. But if the floor goes a few weeks between Swiffering, I don’t fall apart. It’s just some extra dust bunnies floating around.
Lawn not mowed? That’s mine, for sure. Local gardening services make it a habit to drop their cards on my door. But I never let my grass grow so tall that small children or animals would disappear between the blades. I fire up my mower, and get to it when I get to it. (I have to admit, the lawn looks killer when the grass is cut! And every time I cut it, I vow to maintain it that way. Funny how that never goes as planned.)
Stacks of mail on the kitchen table? Mea culpa. Though I do make it a point to pay my bills on time. Just on time. At least I don’t stuff all that mail into a Nordstrom’s bag, like the parents in Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections. (A great book, btw. One of my all-time favorites. If you haven’t read it yet, click here and buy it this instant!)
Car not washed? Whoop-dee-do. I won’t even spend another word on that one. (Okay, that was nine words, sorry.)
In short, I feel totally fine if I can’t be Superman and get everything done. As long as my kids are happy, healthy, nurtured, and loved, I figure I’m doing all right.
But don’t take my word for it. There’s a great article over at Mom Logic titled: Single Dads Know What They’re Doing. Apparently, letting things slide is only one of the things single dads do so well. (This article was a featured link on the Facebook Single Parents Connection group page, so maybe you saw it there.)
Okay – no leaving comments that say “you’re such a good dad!” How about instead you vow to let something slide this week. Tell us what it is. Meanwhile, I’ve got some dust bunnies to clean.
Or not.